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The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Move on 4 Future Foundation & IBBL NYC 

Basketball Tournament


June 5th, 2023

New York City (USA)



Cielo notturno

Mission and Goals

The Run 4 Future Foundation, Inc. celebrates caring and preserving our shared planet earth with the wish of nurturing beauty, harmony, and communion.

Our energy is dedicated to social and healthful activities in connection with creative and environmental interventions.


The Run 4 Future Foundation aims to inspire, support, and expand awareness about sustainable development through participatory and educational projects; contribute quality life habits and social stability; generate biological well-being; mitigate negligence, and build civic education.

  • Together, organize sport events, charity races all over the world and related initiatives.

  • Make every participant an ambassador of environmental awareness, a wealth and sustainable development emissary.

  • Create and protect environmental interventions that can accommodate art, design, architectural installations, and educational projects.

  • Through a network of intergenerational and multicultural events, generate a lasting beneficial  impact for the entire planet.

  • Become an advocate for the value of local inhabitants.


The Run 4 Future Foundation, Inc. is both a model for how physical activity, environment and creativity can together create a better community in harmony with nature.


The Run 4 Future Foundation is both a model for how environmental art can be offered to the world, and an advocate for the value of local inhabitants.

The medium to arrive at this goal is a worldwide repeatable race to reach an economic goal in order to make environmental interventions.


The impact the Foundation seeks to have is to help to create a world in which the following conditions exist:

  • Ecologic topic is valued and thriving

  • The gardens who are projected and implanted are a real value to the territory who hosts them and they are public, in order to remember that art is a human condition and that the Earth is a place of shared love.

  • A comprehensible and comprehensive set of systems provide resources for locals’ lives.

When a man plants a tree, he plants himself.

John Muir

Run 4 Future!

Races around the world

The Run 4 Future Foundation organizes foundraising races and walks worldwide in order to collect money to invest on environmental projects, mainly addressed to tree plantations and creation of parks which can become experiencial destination, generating and implementing local work and culture.

Why races and walks?

Because running and walking are for free: we want to keep it healty and fun.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese proverb

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